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Drivers of adoption of Improved Maize varieties in Moist Transitional zone of Eastern Kenya
Despite its role in food security in Kenya, maize deficit has increased in the recent years posing serious food security threat. This worrying trend necessitates careful review of adoption. The paperExpand
Profitability of Indigenous Chicken: The Case of Producers in Makueni County, Kenya
Indigenous Chicken(IC) ( Gallus domestica ) is increasingly becoming an essential component of diets in urban centers. This increase in demand is accompanied by an increase in production byExpand
Economic potential for conversion to organic farming: a net present value analysis in the East Mau Catchment, Nakuru, Kenya
This paper discusses the economic potential in terms of income changes that may result from conversion to low-external-input agriculture (LEIA) organic farming in a Kenya’s catchment area. AExpand
Factors That Influence Technical Efficiency of Sorghum Production: A Case of Small Holder Sorghum Producers in Lower Eastern Kenya
Majority of the rural households in Kenya depend on agriculture as a source of food and livelihood. Agricultural productivity has been declining due to many factors resulting in increased foodExpand
Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Sorghum Production in Lower Eastern Kenya: A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach.
There has been an increase in food insecurity problem in ASALs of Kenya and this has necessitated a renewed interest in promoting drought-tolerant crops such as sorghum, among smallholder farmers inExpand
An analysis of the efficiency of indigenous chicken marketing channels in Makueni County, Kenya
The indigenous chicken (IC) (Gallus domesticus) production is an important agricultural activity in many households in Kenya. Despite its importance, little research has been carried to enhance itsExpand
A B S T R A C T Farmer groups in the world provide farmers with economies of scale, access to information, credit and markets. These farmer groups are an important intervention in Africa, due to theExpand
Analysis of Improved Indigenous Chicken Adoption Among Smallholder Farmers: Case of Makueni and Kakamega Counties, Kenya
Indigenous chicken (IC) production is a source of food security and income among smallholder farmers within high potential areas and semi-arid lands (ASAL). The demand for IC eggs and meat isExpand
The Characteristics of Lending Groups in Murang’a County, Kenya
Availability, accessibility and affordability of rural credit is one of the key elements for transforming rural economies through enhancing agricultural productivity, food security and povertyExpand
Factors influencing the choice of supermarket channel by smallholder vegetable farmer suppliers in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties, Kenya
The increasing demand for high-value food products in developing countries is creating incentives for expansion of supermarket chains as an alternative marketing system to the traditional marketingExpand