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Amylin given by central or peripheral routes decreases gastric emptying and intestinal transit in the rat
The effect of rat amylin on gastric emptying and intestinal transit in the rat was examined and pre-treatment with neostigmine and domperidone decreased the inhibitory effect of peripherally injectedAmylin, but no effect was observed when the peptide was centrally injected.
Effects of centrally injected amylin on sexual behavior of male rats
The data suggest that AMY may exert inhibitory effects on male sexual behavior in rats, probably interfering with central DA neurotransmission and with CGRP receptors.
Interaction between metabotropic receptors and purinergic transmission in rat hippocampal slices
Results indicate that, in rat hippocampal slices, activation of mGluR2 receptors attenuates the release of purines induced by forskolin, a process that amplifies the final effect of forSkolin on cAMP formation as a result of A2 purinergic receptor activation.
Protective effects of papaverine salicylate in mouse ear dermatitis and PAF-induced rat paw oedema
MR-800 exerted a dose-dependent inhibitory activity in all assays, when equimolar doses of sodium salicylate or papaverine were less effective, suggesting the existence of a favourable synergism between salicYLate and papaversine.
Membrane stabilizing effects of propionyl-l-carnitine:In vivo andin vitro evidences
The results support the view that membrane stabilization and prevention of cytotoxic enzyme leakage are primarily involved in the tissue protective effect of this compound.