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Massive gravity in three dimensions.
A particular higher-derivative extension of the Einstein-Hilbert action in three spacetime dimensions is shown to be equivalent at the linearized level to the (unitary) Pauli-Fierz action for aExpand
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κ-Symmetry, Supersymmetry and Intersecting Branes
We present a new form of κ-symmetry transformations for D-branes in which the dependence on the Born-Infeld field strength is expressed as a relative rotation on the left- and right-moving fieldsExpand
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More on Massive 3D Gravity
We explore the space of static solutions of the recently discovered three-dimensional 'new massive gravity' (NMG), allowing for either sign of the Einstein-Hilbert term and a cosmological termExpand
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Supermembranes and Eleven-Dimensional Supergravity
Abstract We construct an action for a supermembrane propagating in d = 1 supergravity background. Using the constraints of d = 11 curved superspace, we show that the action is invariant underExpand
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Super D-branes
We present a “kappa-symmetric” worldvolume action for all type II Dirichlet p-branes, 0≤p≤9, in a general type II supergravity background, including massive backgrounds in the IIA case. The p=9 caseExpand
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Duality of type-II 7-branes and 8-branes
We present a version of ten-dimensional IIA supergravity containing a 9-form potential for which the field equations are equivalent to those of the standard, massless, IIA theory for vanishingExpand
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Extended conformal supergravity
Abstract We present the complete structure of extended conformal supergravity for N ⩽4. The relation with the graded algebra SU(2, 2| N ) and with the multiplet of currents is discussed. The N = 4Expand
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Minimal massive 3D gravity
We present an alternative to topologically massive gravity (TMG) with the same 'minimal' bulk properties; i.e. a single local degree of freedom that is realized as a massive graviton in linearizationExpand
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New formulations of D = 10 supersymmetry and D8-O8 domain walls
We discuss a generalized form of IIA/IIB supergravity depending on all R-R potentials C-(p) (p = 0, 1,..., 9) as the effective field theory of type IIA/IIB superstring theory. For the IIA case weExpand
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The quartic effective action of the heterotic string
We present the supersymmetric quartic effective action for the heterotic string which follows from the supersymmetrization of the Yang-Mills and Lorentz Chern-Simons forms. This includes all bosonicExpand
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