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Conspiracy & Populism: The Politics of Misinformation
Neo-Nationalism: The Rise of Nativist Populism
The Icesave Dispute: A Case Study into the Crisis of Diplomacy during the Credit Crunch
This version is an unpublished conference proceeding, presented at the conference “No-one is an island”, University of Akureyri, March 19th 2016. The full research paper is under review for theExpand
Populism in Iceland: Has the Progressive Party turned populist?
Though nationalism has always been strong in Iceland, populist political parties did not emerge as a viable force until after the financial crisis of 2008. On wave of the crisis a completely renewedExpand
Sense of Sovereignty. How national sentiments have influenced Iceland‘s European policy
This paper asks why Iceland had until July 2009 chosen to participate in the European project through the EEA and Schengen agreements but not with full membership in the EU. It analyses if and howExpand
Iceland: A postimperial sovereignty project
The historical links with imperial Denmark still have an impact on Iceland’s foreign policy and its approach to Europe in particular. This article examines the triangular relationship betweenExpand