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Modeling and analysis of a marine bacteriophage infection.
A mathematical model for the marine bacteriophage infection is proposed and its essential mathematical features are analyzed. Since bacteriophage infection induces bacterial lysis which releases intoExpand
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Global stability results for a generalized Lotka-Volterra system with distributed delays
The paper contains an extension of the general ODE system proposed in previous papers by the same authors, to include distributed time delays in the interaction terms. Expand
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A mathematical model for drug administration by using the phagocytosis of red blood cells
Abstract. A mathematical model for the delivery of drug directly to the macrophages by using the phagocytosis of senescent red blood cells is proposed. The model is based on the following assumption:Expand
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Alterations of Plasma and Brain Tryptophan in Hepatic Encephalopathy: A Study in Humans and in Experimental Animals
The role of tryptophan in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy has been investigated both in humans and in experimental animals with a model of chronic liver failure. In a group of 149 patientsExpand
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An optimal time control problem for the administration of 2',3'-dideoxycytidine by using red blood cells as bioreactors.
The problem of optimal dosage is studied for the administration of ddCyd using erythrocytes as carriers and bioreactors. The volume of erythrocytes and the initial amount of drug to be loaded have toExpand
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The tree graphs theory for enzymatic reactions.
It is observed that the tree graphs theory ( Hyver, 1973 ), applied to enzyme catalyzed reactions, proves not to be very effective, because the catalyst presence introduces at least one “cycle” inExpand
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Influence of food intake on the absorption of diftalone in man.
An average 2.2-fold increase in the peak plasma concentrations of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent diftalone in the presence of food was observed in three studies carried out with healthyExpand
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