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Pregnancy diagnosis in goats.
Post weaning oestrus and luteal function in primiparous and pluriparous sows.
The ability to resume ovarian activity was better in sow weaned in the period January to June than in sows weaned from July to December, and high progesterone values were common three weeks after mating. Expand
Effect of Prolactin Suppression on the Ovarian Activity in the Lactating Sow
  • E. Benjaminsen
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
  • 1 June 1981
The results suggest that the elevated plasma prolactin levels during lactation is one of the factors responsible for lactational an oestrus in the sow. Expand
Plasma Prolactin in the Sow with Emphasis on Variation in Resumption of Ovarian Activity after Weaning
None of the results indicate that post weaning anoestrus is caused by prolonged hyperprolactinaemia after weaning, and the prolactin patterns in sows with prolonged periods of ovarian inactivity were similar to those seen in normal sows. Expand
Plasma progesterone increments in sows treated with ACTH.
[Plasma progesterone in mares showing oestrus during early pregnancy (author's transl)].
Clinical findings in pregnant and nonpregnant mares 3 weeks after mating is compared, and oestrus in pregnant mares is discussed. Expand
Prolactin Secretion in Nonpregnant Sows Treated with Prostaglandin F2α
[Megestrolacetat applied for oestrusinduction and oestrussynchronization in heifers (author's transl)].
There was no significant difference in fertility after different doses of megestrolacetat following treatment with Niagestin "NOVO" in heifers with the diagnosis anoestrus and these conceived after first insemination. Expand