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Inversion of HF backscatter ionograms using elevation scans
Accuracy in target location by over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) can be improved when the propagation channel is known. An inversion method able to provide an equivalent electron density profile of theExpand
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Aspects of HF radio propagation
1. Propagation along the mid-latitude trough Abstract The propagation characteristics of radio signals are important parameters to consider when designing and operating radio systems. From the pointExpand
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Inversion of OTH radar backscatter ionograms obtained by scanning in elevation
A new inversion method to obtain the real state of the ionosphere with an oblique sounder is presented. This method takes some points on the backscatter ionogram obtained by scanning in elevation toExpand
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A Review of Working Group 2 (Advanced Terrestrial Systems) of the COST 296 Action
This paper deals with the research undertaken during the COST 296 Action in Working Group 2 on Advanced Terrestrial Systems. The Working Group comprised three work packages covering various topics:Expand
Performing inversion of HF radar backscatter ionograms
The knowledge of the ionosphere's real state is very important for the over-the-horizon (OTH) radars. Those radars use the ionosphere as propagation channel, so we need to know its behaviour. A newExpand
Inversion of Backscatter Ionograms Optimization by using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms
An inversion method to obtain the parameters of a model of the electronic density profile from some measurements realized with the radar, the backscatter ionograms. Expand
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Backscatter ionogram inversion validation with the help of a HF radio transmitter
Accuracy in target localization by over-the-horizon radar can be improved with a good knowledge of the propagation channel. An inversion method has been developed in order to provide an electronExpand