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Arbitrarily smooth orthogonal nonseparable wavelets in R 2
For each $r\in\N$, we construct a family of bivariate orthogonal wavelets with compact support that are nonseparable and have vanishing moments of order r or less. The starting point of theExpand
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Calculating the Hausdorff Distance Between Curves
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Compactly Supported Orthogonal Symmetric Scaling Functions
Abstract Daubechies (1988, Comm. Pure Appl. Math.41, 909–996) showed that, except for the Haar function, there exist no compactly supported orthogonal symmetric scaling functions for the dilation q =Expand
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Magnetic properties and size distributions of spherical magnetite nanoparticles coated with poly(acrylic) acid
We estimate the size distribution of magnetite nanoparticles from their magnetic properties. The particles were prepared as a water-based suspension and coated with poly(acrylic) acid. The physicalExpand