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Effect of the bearings faults on the efficiency of the induction motors
The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of the bearing faults on the stator current and on the efficiency of the induction motors, in order to verify the effectiveness of the analysis ofExpand
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Use of the stator current for condition monitoring of bearings in induction motors
The aim of this paper is to verify the effectiveness of the stator current analysis for the detection of bearing problems. The paper reports the experimental results on four different types ofExpand
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A damaged DNA binding protein 2 mutation disrupting interaction with proliferating-cell nuclear antigen affects DNA repair and confers proliferation advantage.
In mammalian cells, Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) plays a role in removing DNA damage induced by UV radiation. In Global Genome-NER subpathway, DDB2 protein forms a complex with DDB1 (UV-DDB),Expand
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A functional in vitro cell-free system for studying DNA repair in isolated nuclei
ABSTRACT Assessment of DNA repair is an important endpoint measurement when studying the biochemical mechanisms of the DNA damage response and when investigating the efficacy of chemotherapy, whichExpand
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Exploring new potential role of DDB2 by host cell reactivation assay in human tumorigenic cells
The Host Cell Reactivation assay (HCR) allows studying the DNA repair capability in different types of human cells. This assay was carried out to assess the ability in removing UV-lesions from DNA,Expand
Control strategies for very low speed trajectories of an industrial robot
The paper discusses a few theoretical, numerical and practical aspects involved with the motion of an industrial robot over trajectories at very low speed, which is a common duty mainly forExpand