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The transition zone of the Canary Current upwelling region
Abstract Like all the major upwelling regions, the Canary Current is characterised by intense mesoscale structure in the transition zone between the cool, nutrient-rich waters of the coastalExpand
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Physical oceanography of the western Iberia ecosystem: Latest views and challenges
The present review is focused on the mesoscale physical processes recognized in the Western Iberia Ecosystem, complementing earlier reviews dedicated to larger scales. Recent studies support the ideaExpand
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Sub-regional ecosystem variability in the Canary Current upwelling
The Canary Current upwelling ecosystem (CanC) constitutes one of the four main eastern boundary upwelling ecosystems (EBUEs) of the world, thus hosting high productivity and fisheries. RecentExpand
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A poleward flow along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula
Satellite Advanced Very High the continental slope of the Atlantic coast of Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) imagery and Argos the Iberian Peninsula in a narrow (approximately tracked drifters haveExpand
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Development, persistence, and variability of upwelling filaments off the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula
The development, persistence, and variability of upwelling filaments off the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula are examined by means of advanced very high resolution radiometer infrared imageryExpand
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The Guajira upwelling system
Abstract The coastal upwelled waters of the Guajira coast, the most northerly peninsula of South America, were studied on the basis of historical data bases, remotely sensed data, and threeExpand
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Mesoscale patterns in the Cape São Vicente (Iberian Peninsula) upwelling region
[1] The coastal upwelling region near Cape Sao Vicente, the southwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula where the southern zonal coast meets the meridional western coast, was studied using over 1200Expand
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Eddy development and motion in the Caribbean Sea
Eddy motion in the Caribbean Sea is described on the basis of sea level anomalies deduced from ERS-1 altimetry data corrected with TOPEX/Poseidon data during the 15 months of the Exact Repeat MissionExpand
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Offshore wind forcing in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico: The asymmetric circulation
Since the early surveys carried out by the Eastern Tropical Pacific (EASTROPIC) and Scripps Tuna Oceanographic Research (STOR) projects in the tropical Pacific off Mexico, the northerly winds whichExpand
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