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Evaluation of CL‐1848C: A New Dissociative Anesthetic in Normal Human Volunteers
From the observations and personal experience, it was felt that the investigation of a new drug, CL-1848C, from Cutter Laboratories, must be approached as a multidisciplinary problem. Expand
Assessment of Impulsive Aggression in Patients with Severe Mental Disorders and Demonstrated Violence: Inter‐Rater Reliability of Rating Instrument
The investigators adapted the Barratt‐Stanford instrument for differentiating impulsive from premeditated aggression so that instead of serving as an interview schedule, it could be used to assess aggression from previously documented written descriptions. Expand
A severe test of interpersonal theory of depression among criminal defendants
We tested Coyne’s (1976) interpersonal theory of depression using a highly specialized psychiatric sample (76 criminal defendants referred for psychiatric evaluation). We assessed whetherExpand
Guest reviewers for volume 4 of the Journal of Behavioral Medicine
1. Judith M. Abplanalp, Ph.D. 2. Charles B. Arnold, M.D., M.P.H. 3. Nathan H. Azrin, Ph.D. 4. Thomas Baranowski, Ph.D. 5. Ernest Barratt, Ph.D. 6. Cynthia D. Belar, Ph.D. 7. James A. Blumenthal,Expand
Guest reviewers for volume 3 of theJournal of Behavioral Medicine
1. Judith M. Abplanalp, Ph.D. 2. Paul Abplanalp, Ph.D. 3. Robert Ader, Ph.D. 4. Benjamin L. Allen, Jr., M.D. 5. Karl Altman, Ph.D. 6. Hugh V. Angle, Ph.D. 7. William A. Ayer, D.D.S., Ph.D. 8. HowardExpand