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Towards a theory of values-based labeling
An outline of a theory ofvalues-based labeling as a social movementargues that it is motivated by the need tore-embed the agro-food economy in the largersocial economy. A review of some basicExpand
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Dimensions of Ambiguous Loss in Couples Coping With Mild Cognitive Impairment
Abstract: We applied the theory of ambiguous loss to couples with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), an age-related decline in memory and other cognitive processes assumed not to interfere with dailyExpand
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The social life of the tortilla: Food, cultural politics, and contested commodification
Resurgent interest incommodities is linked to recent attempts toovercome the constraints posed by the binariesof economy/culture and production/consumption.Commodities and commodification representExpand
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Defining and Marketing Local Foods: Geographical Indications for U.S. Products
What are local foods? If you do not know your local producer, then how can you know whether the product you are purchasing is local? These questions are at the heart of an emerging debate in theExpand
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Ecological Boundaries as Community Boundaries: The Politics of Watersheds
Ecological boundaries are increasingly used as practical boundaries for land use planning. This shift requires new forms of community interaction and often new social institutions, such asExpand
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Social movements for sustainable agriculture in France: A polanyian perspective
Several strands of social movement activism have recently coalesced in France to push a new agenda for sustainable agriculture into the policy arena. Activist groups are forming alliances nationallyExpand
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Cuidando de idosos com Alzheimer: a vivência de cuidadores familiares
Alzheimer’s disease compromises an elderly person’s functional capacity, increasing his or her need for assistance. This study aimed to better understand processes involved in caring for elders withExpand
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Flexible work arrangements : managing the work-family boundary
Defining and Making the Case for Flexible Work Arrangements. How Flexible Work Arrangements Can Address Personal and Organizational Needs. The Cycle of Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating FlexibleExpand
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Quem irá empurrar minha cadeira de rodas? A escolha do cuidador familiar do idoso
The emotional ties and personal relationships we form during our lives affect the quality of our family relationships when we grow older. The objective of this study was to evaluate familyExpand
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