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Optical-comb-line selection from a low-power/low-OSNR comb using a low-coherence semiconductor laser for flexible ultra-dense short range transceivers
In a 144Gbps DP-64QAM transmission the LC-ILLD outperforms the UNF-FA approach for comb-OSNR-levels below 30dB.
Suppression of channel-by-channel variation in wavelength switching time of TDA-CSG-DR laser
The channel-by-channel variation in wavelength switching time was suppressed by applying pre-emphasis technique to on-chip heater control. The standard deviation of switching time was reduced to 1/9,
Fast wavelength switching of fully heater-tuned CSG-DR lasers
Dynamic wavelength switching properties of a fully heater-tuned CSG-DR laser are comprehensively studied and 99 % of which exhibit switching time less than 1 msec.
6.25 GHz Flexible Grid Tuning of Fully Heater-tuned CSG-DR Lasers with Sub-millisecond Wavelength Switching
A TDA-CSG DR laser with a narrow linewidth of 300 kHz has been controlled to lock on 6.25 GHz resolution flexible grid using two compact 50 GHz-FSR Fably-Perot etalon filters. Fast wavelength
Sub-millisecond timing-jitter-free tuning of parametric dispersion compensator.
The P-TDC is developed as the first prototype to satisfy essential requirements for practical network uses: stable input-polarization diversity, input-wavelength preservation, and seamless dispersion tunability for entire C-band input wavelengths are simultaneously achieved.
Dynamic parametric dispersion compensation using FPGA pump controller and dispersion monitor
We demonstrate an autonomous fast parametric dispersion compensator with a fast TDA-CSG-DR laser and a dispersion monitor based on spectral shearing interferometer. A response time of less than 17
Hardware efficient QAM16 all-optical carrier recovery using a single optically-stabilized injection-locked semiconductor laser
A compact, low-complexity all-optical carrier-recovery-unit for carrier-unsuppressed QAM signals is demonstrated for the first time. The carrier regeneration by laser injection-locking and
Autonomous Parametric Tunable Dispersion Compensation for Dynamic Optical Switching
We demonstrate dynamic parametric optical dispersion compensation in dynamic optical path networks (DOPNs). A fully automatic parametric tunable dispersion compensator (P-TDC) based on four-wave
Direct Evidence of the Hume-Rothery Stabilization Mechanism in Al-Mn-Fe-Si Mackay-Type 1/1-Cubic Approximants
The detailed structure analysis for a series of the Al–Mn–Fe–Si Mackay-type 1/1-cubic approximants has been performed by applying the Rietveld method to the x-ray powder diffraction spectra taken