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On the weak non-defectivity of veronese embeddings of projective spaces
Fix integers n, x, k such that n≥3, k>0, x≥4, (n, x)≠(3, 4) and k(n+1)<(nn+x). Here we prove that the order x Veronese embedding ofPn is not weakly (k−1)-defective, i.e. for a general S⊃Pn such that
The Horace Method for Error-Correcting Codes
Here the so-called Horace method for zero-dimensional schemes to error-correcting codes on complete intersections is applied and sharper estimates on the minimum distance are obtained.
Very ample line bundles on blown-up projective varieties
Let X be the blowing - up of the smooth projective variety V .H ere we study when a line bundle M onX is very ample and, if very ample, the k-very ampleness of the induced embedding of X.
Moduli of Prym curves
Here we focus on the compactification of the moduli space of curves of genus g together with an unramified double cover, constructed by Arnaud Beauville in order to compactify the Prym mapping. We
Tensor ranks on tangent developable of Segre varieties
We describe the stratification by tensor rank of the points belonging to the tangent developable of any Segre variety. We give algorithms to compute the rank and a decomposition of a tensor belonging
Non-reflexive projective curves of low degree
This paper deals with the classification of projective curves of low degree, defined over fileds of positive characteristic, which have exceptional tangential behaviour. It also describes plane
Embeddings of general curves in projective spaces: the range of the quadrics
Let $$ C \subset {\mathbb{P}^r} $$ be a general embedding of prescribed degree of a general smooth curve with prescribed genus. Here we prove that either $$ {h^0}\left(