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Ethics, Politics and Migration: Public Debates on the Free Movement of Romanians and Bulgarians in the UK, 2006–2013
Public debates on immigration have become the subject of much concern, particularly in the UK. This article applies an ethical lens to assess changes in public debates over intra-EU migration in sixExpand
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Sending and receiving: The ethical framing of intra-EU migration in the European press
Labour migration in the European Union (EU) has become a hot topic in public debates, particularly around the issue of European enlargement. The media are frequently criticized for stirring upExpand
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A deadly cocktail? The fusion of Europe and immigration in the UK press
ABSTRACT This article asks how the EU is imagined and deployed in different justifications for national restrictions on the free movement of European citizens. It does this by analysing pressExpand
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The Media and Human Rights: The Cosmopolitan Promise
In recent years there has been an explosion in the usage and visibility of the language of human rights, but what does this mean for the role of the media? For evolving ideas about human rights? AndExpand
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Media, Wars and Politics: Comparing the Incomparable in Western and Eastern Europe
Introduction Media and war New wars and new humanitarianism The Kosovo crisis Bulgarian media Press/foreign policy interaction in Bulgaria Press/foreign policy interaction in the UK ConclusionExpand
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Media power during humanitarian interventions: Is Eastern Europe any different from the West?
The role of the media in foreign policymaking has been the subject of significant academic enquiry, particularly in response to the so-called ‘CNN effect’, but this work has mostly focused onExpand
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Assisted Reproduction: A Comparative Review of IVF Policies in Two Pro-Natalist Countries
Policies on reproduction have become an increasingly important tool for governments seeking to meet the so-called demographic ‘challenge’ created by the combination of low fertility and lengtheningExpand
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Media and foreign policy in central and eastern Europe post 9/11: in from the cold?
Most work on foreign policy and media influence focuses on Western media but the increasing prominence of central and eastern European countries in global politics (as members of the EU and NATO)Expand
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A system in chaos? Knowledge and sense-making on immigration policy in public debates
This article shows how press selection and presentation of knowledge and expertise relate to processes of sense-making over contemporary political dilemmas. It develops an approach that combinesExpand
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