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Phase diagram of one-dimensional driven lattice gases with open boundaries
We consider the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) with open boundaries and other driven stochastic lattice gases of particles entering, hopping and leaving a one- dimensional lattice. The
Low-dimensional bose liquids: beyond the gross-pitaevskii approximation
The Gross-Pitaevskii approximation is a long-wavelength theory widely used to describe a variety of properties of dilute Bose condensates, in particular trapped alkali gases. We point out that for
Weyl problem and Casimir effects in spherical shell geometry
We compute the generic mode sum that quantifies the effect on the spectrum of a harmonic field when a spherical shell is inserted into vacuum. This encompasses a variety of problems including the
Nonlinear plasma waves in an electron gas
The nature of traveling wave solutions to equations of hydrodynamics of a generic three-dimensional electron gas with parabolic dispersion law depends on whether the motion is subsonic or supersonic.
Population dynamics with global regulation: the conserved Fisher equation.
A conserved version of the Fisher equation is introduced and a rich spectrum of dynamical phases including a pseudotraveling wave and, in the presence of the Allee effect, a phase transition from a locally constrained high density state to a low density fragmented state is found.
Breaking a one-dimensional chain: Fracture in 1+1 dimensions
The breaking rate of an atomic chain stretched at zero temperature by a constant force can be calculated in a quasiclassical approximation by finding the localized solutions (``bounces'') of the
Natural analog to cosmology in basic condensed matter physics
We show that the spatially homogeneous and isotropic evolution of a macroscopic Coulomb system of identical particles obeys equations that have the structure of the cosmological equations of the
Ground-state properties of artificial bosonic atoms, Bose interaction blockade, and the single-atom pipette
We analyze the ground-state properties of an artificial atom made out of repulsive bosons attracted to a center for the case that all the interactions are short ranged. Such bosonic atoms could be