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Pore properties and pharmacological features of the P2X receptor channel in airway ciliated cells
Results suggest that P2Xcilia is either assembled from P2 x4 and P2x7 subunits, or formed from modified P2 X4 subunits. Expand
Roles of the cilium-associated gene CCDC11 in left-right patterning and in laterality disorders in humans.
The roles of CCDC11 and the implications of the identified mutation on left-right axial patterning in patient-derived cells and in the frog embryo as a model organism are characterized. Expand
Intracellular domains interactions and gated motions of IKS potassium channel subunits
The results indicate that the KCNE1 distal C‐terminus interacts with the coiled‐coil helix C of the Kv7.1 tetramerization domain, which is important for IKS channel assembly rules as underscored by Kv 7.1 current inhibition produced by a dominant‐negative C‐ terminal domain. Expand
Effects of storage conditions on hatchability, embryonic survival and cytoarchitectural properties in broiler from young and old flocks
The usefulness of the milestone criteria for predicting and studying the storage conditions that will allow for better performance in hatchery practice is demonstrated. Expand
Evolution of KChIP2 Gene Function is Localized Within the Core Promoter and 5' UTR
3103-Pos Board B208 Plasticity in KCNQ1 Subcellular Distribution and Partnership with Different KCNE Subunits Contribute to Variations in IKs Channel Function in the Heart Dimitar P. Zankov, MinExpand
A KCNE1 C-Terminus Long QT Mutation Disrupts a Crucial Interaction with the Kv7.1 Coiled-Coil Helix C and Reduces IKS Channel Expression
It is found that the KCNE1 C-terminus physically interacts with the coiled-coil helix-C of the tetramerization domain and that the missense LQT5 mutation P127T affects IKS channel expression by disrupting this coiled -coil interaction and possibly disturbing channel trafficking. Expand