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Conflict adaptation effects in the absence of executive control
According to the 'conflict-monitoring' model, a leading theory of cognitive control, information-processing conflict registered in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) triggers the prefrontal cortexExpand
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Verbal Working Memory Load Affects Regional Brain Activation as Measured by PET
We report an experiment that assesses the effect of variations in memory load on brain activations that mediate verbal working memory. The paradigm that forms the basis of this experiment is theExpand
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Stimulus-Specific Delay Activity in Human Primary Visual Cortex
Working memory (WM) involves maintaining information in an on-line state. One emerging view is that information in WM is maintained via sensory recruitment, such that information is stored viaExpand
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Overlapping mechanisms of attention and spatial working memory
Spatial selective attention and spatial working memory have largely been studied in isolation. Studies of spatial attention have provided clear evidence that observers can bias visual processingExpand
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Spatial working memory in humans as revealed by PET
THE concept of working memory is central to theories of human cognition because working memory is essential to such human skills as language comprehension and deductive reasoning1–4. Working memoryExpand
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The Role of Parietal Cortex in Verbal Working Memory
Neuroimaging studies of normal subjects and studies of patients with focal lesions implicate regions of parietal cortex in verbal working memory (VWM), yet the precise role of parietal cortex in VWMExpand
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Visual Working Memory Represents a Fixed Number of Items Regardless of Complexity
Does visual working memory represent a fixed number of objects, or is capacity reduced as object complexity increases? We measured accuracy in detecting changes between sample and test displays andExpand
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Top-down versus bottom-up attentional control: a failed theoretical dichotomy
Prominent models of attentional control assert a dichotomy between top-down and bottom-up control, with the former determined by current selection goals and the latter determined by physicalExpand
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Spatial versus Object Working Memory: PET Investigations
We used positron emission tomography (PET) to answer the following question: Is working memory a unitary storage system, or does it instead include different storage buffers for different kinds ofExpand
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Rehearsal in spatial working memory.
This article reports 3 experiments that tested a hypothesis regarding the nature of rehearsal in spatial working memory, one in which discrete shifts of spatial selective attention mediate theExpand
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