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[Evaluation of blood-flow parameters in extraocular arteries in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma before and after surgical treatment].
The parameters of blood-flow in posterior ciliary arteries improved in all cases after trabeculectomy. Expand
Polymeric membrane ion-selective and cross-sensitive electrode-based electronic tongue for qualitative analysis of beverages.
The capability of this device to reliably discriminate between different brands of those products was presented, and the real performance of the electronic tongue was evaluated applying testing samples from another manufacture lot, than the samples used in the learning set. Expand
ISE-based sensor array system for classification of foodstuffs
A system composed of an array of polymeric membrane ion-selective electrodes and a pattern recognition block—a so-called 'electronic tongue'—was used for the classification of liquid samples: milk, fruit juice and tonic to automatically recognize a brand of the product. Expand
[Rare case of double cystic duct].
[Cognitive functions, their development and modern diagnostic methods].
Special attention should be paid to the neuropsychological tests included in the Vienna Test System, which are used to assess the operational memory span, learning processes, reaction time, attention selective function, attention continuity as well as attention interference resistance. Expand
From the foundation act to the corporate culture of a BME teaching institute
This paper describes the concept and application of the organizational culture of a BME teaching institute, based on the specificity of biomedical engineering, to reinforce the mutual cooperation and understanding of students, university staff and employers as partners in the educational process. Expand
[Rare case of the absence of the celiac trunk].
[Evaluation of blood flow velocity and pulsation curve in the posterior ciliary arteries in glaucoma].
It was shown that in eyes with early glaucomatous changes of the optic nerve the correct perfusion in the ciliary circulation is secured in the presence of a rise of the IOP up to 34 mm Hg. Expand