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Seasonal variations of dissolved inorganic carbon and δ13C of surface waters : application of a modified gas evolution technique
Seasonal concentrations and δ13C of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in a river-tributary system in Kalamazoo, southwest Michigan, USA, have been measured using a modified gas evolution technique.Expand
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The relationship of total dissolved solids measurements to bulk electrical conductivity in an aquife
A recent conceptual model links higher bulk conductivities at hydrocarbon impacted sites to higher total dissolved solids (TDS) resulting from enhanced mineral weathering due to acids produced duringExpand
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Effects of microbial processes on electrolytic and interfacial electrical properties of unconsolidated sediments
[1] The effect of microbial processes on electrical properties of unconsolidated sediments was investigated in a laboratory experiment consisting of biotic and abiotic sand columns. The biotic columnExpand
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Geophysical Signatures of Microbial Activity at Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites: A Review
Microorganisms participate in a variety of geologic processes that alter the chemical and physical properties of their environment. Understanding the geophysical signatures of microbial activity inExpand
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Thermal Perturbations beneath the Incipient Okavango Rift Zone, Northwest Botswana
We used aeromagnetic and gravity data to investigate the thermal structure beneath the incipient Okavango Rift Zone (ORZ) in northwestern Botswana in order to understand its role in strainExpand
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Isotopic and geochemical evolution of ground and surface waters in a karst dominated geological setting: a case study from Belize, Central America
Abstract Analysis of stable isotopes and major ions in groundwater and surface waters in Belize, Central America was carried out to identify processes that may affect drinking water quality. BelizeExpand
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Evidence for microbial enhanced electrical conductivity in hydrocarbon-contaminated sediments
[1] Bulk electrical conductivity of sediments during microbial mineralization of diesel was investigated in a mesoscale laboratory experiment consisting of biotic contaminated and uncontaminatedExpand
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Microbial growth and biofilm formation in geologic media is detected with complex conductivity measurements
[1] Complex conductivity measurements (0.1–1000 Hz) were obtained from biostimulated sand-packed columns to investigate the effect of microbial growth and biofilm formation on the electricalExpand
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The Microbial Community Structure in Petroleum-Contaminated Sediments Corresponds to Geophysical Signatures
ABSTRACT The interdependence between geoelectrical signatures at underground petroleum plumes and the structures of subsurface microbial communities was investigated. For sediments contaminated withExpand
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In-situ apparent conductivity measurements and microbial population distribution at a hydrocarbon-contaminated site
We investigated the bulk electrical conductivity and microbial population distribution in sediments at a site contaminated with light nonaqueous-phase liquid (LNAPL). The bulk conductivity wasExpand
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