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Expected Effects of Land-use Patterns on Future Supplies of Bushmeat in Africa South of the Sahara
Bushmeat is meat, of whatever nature, that is obtained from wild animals, and historically people everywhere in the inhabited world have, at some stage in the evolution of their culture, beenExpand
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Wildlife as a source of protein in Africa South of the Sahara
Abstract The protein deficiency problems of Africa south of the Sahara are growing in seriousness with the increasing human population. Domestic livestock, on which very high hopes have hitherto beenExpand
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Rodent ticks in Ghana
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Maternal and neo‐natal weight in the grasscutter Thyronomys swinderianus (Temminck) in Ghana*
Summary Neonatal weight and maternal weight at parturition in forty-six captive grasscutters and weights of embryos in sixty-six full-term pregnancies and their maternal weights were analysed.Expand
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Wildlife management for rural development in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Black-fly and the Environment
Black-fly ( Simulium spp.) occurs practically through out the world. It poses biting problems wherever it is found. In Africa, black-fly carries a human disease called Onchocerciasis or riverExpand
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Ghana's Progress
In Ghana wildlife is valued especially as a source of meat. But overhunting has led to serious depletion of nearly all game species, in some cases almost to the point of extermination. However, theExpand
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Tropical Moist Forest Management: The Urgency of Transition to Sustainability
The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), an increasing number of citizens and foresters, and the vast majority of environmentalists, must surely realize that most current use ofExpand
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Forest wildlife management