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[Keratomycosis caused by Candida albicans].
A 78-year-old female patient developed mycotic keratitis in her right eye three months after penetrating keratoplasty. Multiple myeloma is presumed to have been the predisposing factor. CandidaExpand
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[Treatment of primary acquired melanosis of the conjunctiva].
The progression to malignancy of primary acquired melanosis of the conjunctiva with cytologic atypia is often insidious and may not be recognized clinically. Because of the bad prognosis of suchExpand
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[Intermediate uveitis].
Intermediate uveitis is diagnosed in about 10% of the patients seen at the "Uveitis Clinic" of the Second Department of Ophthalmology of Vienna University. Forty-nine patients (with 83 eyes showingExpand
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[Juxta-basal retinal dialysis near the ora serrata].
Retinal dialyses near the ora are large, crescent-shaped retinal defects immediately behind the ora serrata. It is assumed that they practically always occur without posterior vitreous detachment andExpand
[Conjunctival granuloma caused by synthetic fibers].
Histopathological examination of a conjunctival lesion occurring in a two-and-a-half-year-old boy revealed granulomatous inflammation surrounding filamentous foreign material. The main type of fiberExpand
[Lymphogenic dissemination of an epibulbar melanoma].
Conjunctival melanomas are considered to be malignant tumors, the prognosis of which depends on various factors such as the size and thickness of the tumor and the number of recurrences followingExpand
[Pre-basal vitreous body after subtotal vitrectomy of aphakic eyes].
The anterior axial vitreous body of aphakic eyes is often severely liquefied. In a vitrectomy case, it was removed easily and completely. The behavior of the prebasal vitreous cortex after theExpand
[The anterior hyaloid membrane of the vitreous body in congenital ectopic lens].
Congenital, bilaterally symmetrical dislocation of the lens within the posterior chamber is referred to as lens ectopia. The behavior of the anterior hyaloid membrane in congenital lens ectopia hasExpand
[Morphology of the anterior vitreous body membrane in congenital aniridia].
BACKGROUND Hitherto no attention was paid to the prebasal vitreous body in children with congenital aniridia. Obviously there are, at least occasionally, two remarkable anomalies of the anteriorExpand
[Treatment of Ocular Chlamydial Infection: Comparison of Tetracyclines and Norfloxacin].
The unilateral follicular conjunctivitis with corneal marginal infiltrates represents a clinical picture typical for two different types of bacteria: chlamydiae may cause a keratoconjunctivitisExpand