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War, Chronology, and Causality in the Titicaca Basin
  • E. Arkush
  • Geography
  • Latin American Antiquity
  • 1 December 2008
In the Late Intermediate Period (ca. A.D. 1000-1450), people in many parts of the Andean highlands moved away from rich agricultural lands to settle in defensive sites high on hills and ridges,Expand
Hillforts of the Ancient Andes: Colla Warfare, Society, and Landscape
Winner of the Society for American Archaeology Book Award "Using a bold combination of surface survey, excavation, and cutting-edge GIS modeling, Arkush examines the social conditions that existed inExpand
Patterns of War in the Andes from the Archaic to the Late Horizon: Insights from Settlement Patterns and Cranial Trauma
Over the pre-Columbian sequence, Andean warfare ranged greatly in intensity. This review combines published information on cranial trauma and settlement patterns, which often align and clarify eachExpand
Interpreting Conflict in the Ancient Andes
This article critically assesses recent interpretations of premodern defensive architecture and militaristic themes in the archaeological record, using the Andes as a case study. While archaeologistsExpand
The End of Ayawiri: Abandonment at an Andean Hillfort Town of the Late Intermediate Period
ABSTRACT As the south-central Andes came under Inca control, many hillfort towns and villages were abandoned in favor of low-lying, non-defensive settlements. Recent investigation at Ayawiri (MachuExpand
Warfare , Space , and Identity in the South-Central Andes : Constraints and Choices
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Coalescence and Defensive Communities: Insights from an Andean Hillfort Town
  • E. Arkush
  • History
  • Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • 28 June 2017
Defensive and fortified settlements are often places of relatively dense nucleation by people with few viable alternatives, resulting in the imperative need to establish consensual rules for livingExpand
Landscapes of death: GIS-based analyses of chullpas in the western Lake Titicaca basin
Abstract The western Lake Titicaca basin is marked by above-ground funerary towers, known as chullpas, located in a variety of geographical contexts and dating to the Late Intermediate Period, or LIPExpand
The archaeology of warfare : prehistories of raiding and conquest
An excellent source of information on the current state of warfare research in archaeology. [It] chronicles the complex history of warfare in different time periods and world regions whileExpand