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Quantitative relationships between molecular structures and CCR5 inhibitory activities of forty two 1-amino-2-phenyl-4-(piperidin-1-yl)-butane derivatives were discovered by chemometrics tools(More)
Herein, a facile hydrothermal treatment of lime juice to prepare biocompatible nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots (N-CQDs) in the presence of ammonium bicarbonate as a nitrogen source has been(More)
A computational procedure was performed on some indenopyrazole derivatives. Two important procedures in computational drug discovery, namely docking for modeling ligand-receptor interactions and(More)
Quantitative relationships between molecular structures and bioactivities of a set of CCR5 inhibitor derivatives were discovered. We have demonstrated the detailed application of two efficient(More)
A graphene-based carbon ionic liquid electrode modified with gold nanoparticles was fabricated. The electrochemical response of the modified electrode toward celecoxib was studied by means of cyclic(More)
Quantitative relationships between structures of 26 diaryl substituted pyrazoles as CCR2 inhibitors and their activities were investigated by four linear and nonlinear methods namely MLR, PLS, GRNN(More)