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Beetles and flies collected on pig carrion in an experimental setting in Thuringia and their forensic implications
Decomposition processes and insect succession were analysed on a total of eight pig (Sus scrofa) carcasses. The survey was carried out in four different periods between November 2007 and August 2008Expand
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On the Head Morphology and Systematic Position of Helophorus (Coleoptera: Hydrophiloidea: Helophoridae)
External and internal features of the head of adults of Helophorus spp. were examined and described in detail. The 6 species under consideration show very little morphological variation. The onlyExpand
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On the evolution of adult head structures and the phylogeny of Hydraenidae (Coleoptera, Staphyliniformia)
External and internal head structures of adults of Orchymontiinae, Prosthetopinae, Hydraeninae and Ochthebiinae were studied and those of Ochthebius semisericeus and Limnebius truncatellus areExpand
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On the head morphology of Lepiceridae (Coleoptera: Myxophaga) and the systematic position of the family and suborder
Adult head structures of Lepicerus inaequalis were examined in detail and interpreted functionally and phylogenetically. The monogeneric family clearly belongs to Myxophaga. A moveable process on theExpand
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Cephalic anatomy of Sphaeriusidae and a morphology‐based phylogeny of the suborder Myxophaga (Coleoptera)
Myxophaga are a small group of beetles, but phylogenetically crucial as one of the four coleopteran suborders. The monogeneric Sphaeriusidae, one of four myxophagan families, comprise about 20Expand
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The phylogeny of Coleopterida (Hexapoda) – morphological characters and molecular phylogenies
Coleopterida (Coleoptera + Strepsiptera) has been established as the sister group of Neuropterida (Megaloptera + Neuroptera + Raphidioptera) based on recent phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequence dataExpand
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The head morphology of Clambidae and its implications for the phylogeny of Scirtoidea (Coleoptera: Polyphaga)
External and internal structures of the head of adults of Clambus are described and illustrated in detail. The results are compared with structural features found in the clambid genus Calyptomerus,Expand
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Aves y plantas leñosas en cortinas rompevientos en León, Nicaragua
The abundance and diversity of birds and woody plants was compared in windbreaks in 'good condition' (5 rows of trees, dense understory), 'degraded' windbreaks (2-3 rows of trees, sparse understory)Expand