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Massless Particles, Conformal Group and De Sitter Universe
We first review a recent result on the uniqueness of the extension to the conformal group of massless representations of the Poincare group. By restricting these representations to SO(3,2) we obtainExpand
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Pellicular microtubules in the family Trypanosomatidae.
SYNOPSIS. Flagellates of 7 species from 5 genera of the family Trypanosomatidae were prepared for electron microscopy using a combination of surface tension spreading on a simplified Langmuir troughExpand
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On the Localizability of Massless Particles
Wightman's reformulation of the Wigner-Newton position operators and localizability of a massive particle is generalized so as to include zero mass particles. Different a priori procedures ofExpand
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On unitary implementability of conformal transformations
We show that the only projective representations of the conformal group in a Hilbert space which, when restricted to the Poincaré subgroup, are unitary irreducible of mass zero and discrete helicity,Expand
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Décomposition sur le sous-groupe de Lorentz de la représentation de masse positive et de spin nul du groupe de Poincaré
© Gauthier-Villars, 1971, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la revue « Annales de l’I. H. P., section A » implique l’accord avec les conditions générales d’utilisation (http://www.numdam.Expand
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On the unitary dual of $$\overline {{\text{SO}}} _0 \left( {2r,2} \right)$$ ⋆
AbstractAn exhaustive description of the unitary dual of $$\overline {{\text{SO}}} _0 \left( {2r,2} \right)$$ is given by means of polynomials in the center of the enveloping algebra. The methods ofExpand
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Reduction on the Lorentz subgroup of UIR's of the Poincaré group induced by a semisimple little group
All UIR's of the Poincare group corresponding to nonzero mass are reduced on a Lorentz subgroup by means of a unique formalism. The maximal differential domain of each UIR is proved to be a nuclearExpand
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Relativistic spin selection rules obtained by SL(3, R) symmetry
Abstract All irreducible (unitary or not) ray representations of SL(3, R) obeying the Δj = 2 selection rule imposed by Regge trajectories are constructed. They provide irreducible ray representationsExpand
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