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Contemporary Physics
IT must, of course, be clearly understood that the following brief notes do not profess to mention, even by name, every important line of research in physics that is going on in the U.S.S.R.; theyExpand
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Physics: The Elements
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Über das zähe Fließen in Metallen und verwandte Erscheinungen = On the viscous flow in metals, and allied phenomena
It has been observed that for a lead wire, loaded well beyond the elastic limit, the extension after some time becomes proportional to the time, or the flow becomes viscous in character. The rate ofExpand
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On the Circulations Caused by the Vibration of Air in a Tube
There seems a need for accurate measurements of the velocity of sound in gases, both at ordinary temperatures with chemically allied series of gases and vapours, and at high temperatures inExpand
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Viscosity of liquids
  • E. Andrade
  • Chemistry
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 6 November 1952
I venture to lay before you certain considerations concerning the viscosity of liquids which may find a place in a discussion of the theory of liquids. They mostly pertain to experiment, but, afterExpand
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The History of the Microscope
MicroscopiumBy Maria Rooseboom. Pp. 60. (Communication No. 95 from the National Museum for the History of Science, Leiden, Holland.) (Leiden: National Museum for the History of Science, 1956.) n.p.
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The Viscosity of Liquids.
THE viscosity of liquids is a subject which, so far as I know, has hitherto been without any general theoretical basis. No physical mechanism, for example, has ever been brought forward to accountExpand
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On the Groupings and General Behaviour of Solid Particles under the Influence of Air Vibrations in Tubes
In 1866 KUNDT showed, by a method described in every text-book of Sound, that if stationary waves are set up in the air in a long tube containing dust, then the wavelength is indicated by littleExpand
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The Distribution of Slide in a Right Six-Face Subject to Pure Shear
The question of the exact distribution of slide in the cross-section of a body subjected to transverse force has recently attracted considerable attention in connection with the much-discussedExpand
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The Birth of the Nuclear Atom
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