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Identification of Intrinsic Determinants of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons
The prospect of using cell replacement therapies has raised the key issue of whether elucidation of developmental pathways can facilitate the generation of therapeutically important cell types fromExpand
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Groucho-Mediated Transcriptional Repression Establishes Progenitor Cell Pattern and Neuronal Fate in the Ventral Neural Tube
The pattern of neuronal specification in the ventral neural tube is controlled by homeodomain transcription factors expressed by neural progenitor cells, but no general logic has emerged to explainExpand
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Dorsal-ventral patterning of the spinal cord requires Gli3 transcriptional repressor activity.
Sonic hedgehog (Shh) plays a critical role in organizing cell pattern in the developing spinal cord. Gli proteins are thought to mediate Shh signaling, but their role in directing neural tubeExpand
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Efficient production of mesencephalic dopamine neurons by Lmx1a expression in embryonic stem cells
Signaling factors involved in CNS development have been used to control the differentiation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) into mesencephalic dopamine (mesDA) neurons, but tend to generate a limitedExpand
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Plant dispersal in boreal rivers and its relation to the diversity of riparian flora.
Aim The paper has four major objectives: (1) to determine whether diaspore mimics accurately represent dispersal dynamics of real diaspores in a free-flowing river; (2) to estimate distance travelledExpand
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Specific and integrated roles of Lmx1a, Lmx1b and Phox2a in ventral midbrain development
The severe disorders associated with a loss or dysfunction of midbrain dopamine neurons (DNs) have intensified research aimed at deciphering developmental programs controlling midbrain development.Expand
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Mechanistic differences in the transcriptional interpretation of local and long-range Shh morphogen signaling.
Morphogens orchestrate tissue patterning in a concentration-dependent fashion during vertebrate embryogenesis, yet little is known of how positional information provided by such signals is translatedExpand
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Effects of river regulation on river-margin vegetation : A comparison of eight boreal rivers
Regulation and fragmentation by dams belong to the most widespread deliberate impacts of humans on the world's rivers, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. We evaluated the effects of hydroelectrExpand
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Effects of river fragmentation on plant dispersal and riparian flora
We evaluated the effects of river fragmentation by dams on hydrochory (i.e. plant dispersal by water) and on plant distribution by comparing two adjacent rivers in northern Sweden, one free-flowingExpand
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Movement and muscle activity pattern in wheelchair ambulation by persons with para-and tetraplegia.
The patterns of movement and muscle activation in wheelchair ambulation have been studied in two groups: subjects with paraplegia (n = 4) and tetraplegia (n = 3). All subjects were physically activeExpand
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