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Exploring the Public Understanding of Basic Genetic Concepts
It is predicted that the rapid acquisition of new genetic knowledge and related applications during the next decade will have significant implications for virtually all members of society. Currently,Expand
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Preparation of educators involved in interprofessional education
To achieve effective interprofessional learning there must be effective teaching. In this study we analyse the impact of a Masters level two day course designed to prepare teachers for their role(s)Expand
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Medical students benefit from learning about patient safety in an interprofessional team
Context  Safe clinical practice is inextricably linked to team‐working. Delivering patient safety education interprofessionally heightens students’ awareness of the importance of effectiveExpand
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The Leicester Model of Interprofessional Education: Developing, delivering and learning from student voices for 10 years
There are few sustained interprofessional learning opportunities in practice which engage the whole cohort of health and social care students across a region, the Leicester Model of InterprofessionalExpand
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Learning from lives together: medical and social work students' experiences of learning from people with disabilities in the community.
The study aims to evaluate an interprofessional community-based learning event, focussing on disability. The learning opportunity was based on the Leicester Model of Interprofessional Education,Expand
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Evaluating an interprofessional education curriculum: A theory-informed approach
Abstract Background: This paper retrospectively reports on an evaluation framework applied to a local interprofessional education (IPE) curriculum design. The theoretically informed IPE curriculumExpand
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Interprofessional staff development: Changing attitudes and winning hearts and minds
As more educators are involved in interprofessional education (IPE) it is important to consider how participation affects those who are sceptical about IPE. We report a prospective study in which theExpand
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Early interprofessional interactions: Does student age matter?
In this mixed-method evaluation we report on student responses to an introductory interprofessional learning event, accessed by ten professions within six months of commencing their chosenExpand
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Learning together in practice: an interprofessional education programme to appreciate teamwork
Background:  The paper reports on the first 100 students who completed ward‐based interprofessional learning using the Leicester Model of Interprofessional Education. Pre‐registration health andExpand
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Development of interprofessional education in mental health practice: Adapting the Leicester Model
Mental health provides a unique opportunity for health and social care students to experience interprofessional team working and collaborative practice. We tested whether we could introduceExpand
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