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Assessment of elemental content in the fruit of Graviola plant, Annona Muricata , from some selected communities in Ghana by instrumental neutron activation analysis
A B ST R A C T The major (K, Mg, Cl, Ca and Na) and minor (Mn, Fe, Cr, Co, Cu and Br) elemental concentrations in different parts of Graviola ( Annona Muricata ) fruit including the fruit fibres,
Biomonitoring of Occupational Exposure to Total Arsenic and Total Mercury in Urine of Goldmine Workers in Southwestern Ghana
Biomonitoring of total arsenic and total mercury in the urine of goldmine workers in south-western Ghana due to occupational exposure was conducted to determine whether occupational exposure
Studies on the mineral composition of the leaves of Graviola plant, Annona Muricata , from some selected municipalities in Ghana by activation analysis
The concentrations of the elements Cu, Fe and Mn were found to be below their tolerable upper intake levels, which indicates its potential for use in medicinal preparations for the management and treatment of certain diseases.
Prospect of Nuclear Power Today as Part of Ghana Energy Mix and Socio-Economic Development
Energy is essential for economic development and improvement of quality of life in every human settlement. Considering her economic aspirations and population growth, Ghana’s energy demand,