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Planning UMTS base station location: optimization models with power control and algorithms
Two randomized greedy procedures and a tabu search algorithm for the uplink (mobile to BS) direction which is the most stringent one from the traffic point of view in the presence of balanced connections such as voice calls are proposed.
On the Hazmat Transport Network Design Problem
This work proves that the version of the hazmat transport network design problem where a subset of arcs can be forbidden is NP-hard even when a single commodity has to be shipped.
Provisioning virtual private networks under traffic uncertainty
This work investigates a network design problem under traffic uncertainty that arises when provisioning Virtual Private Networks and presents compact linear mixed‐integer programming formulations for the problem with the classical hose traffic model and for a less conservative robust variant relying on the traffic statistics that are often available.
WLAN coverage planning: optimization models and algorithms
This paper describes the optimization models with hyperbolic and quadratic objective functions that directly accounts system capacity and proposes heuristics combining greedy and local search phases that provide near-optimal solutions within a reasonable amount of time.