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Ecological Effects of Nitrogen Deposition in the Western United States
Abstract In the western United States vast acreages of land are exposed to low levels of atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition, with interspersed hotspots of elevated N deposition downwind of large,Expand
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Nitrogen enrichment alters mycorrhizal allocation at five mesic to semiarid grasslands
Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi are integral components of grasslands because most plants are associated with interconnected networks of AM hyphae. Mycorrhizae generally facilitate plant uptake ofExpand
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Effects of nitrogen deposition and empirical nitrogen critical loads for ecoregions of the United States
Human activity in the last century has led to a significant increase in nitrogen (N) emissions and atmospheric deposition. This N deposition has reached a level that has caused or is likely to causeExpand
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Environmental impacts of utility-scale solar energy
Renewable energy is a promising alternative to fossil fuel-based energy, but its development can require a complex set of environmental tradeoffs. A recent increase in solar energy systems,Expand
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Control of Invasive Weeds with Prescribed Burning1
Prescribed burning has primarily been used as a tool for the control of invasive late-season annual broadleaf and grass species, particularly yellow starthistle, medusahead, barb goatgrass, andExpand
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Wide geographical and ecological distribution of nitrogen and carbon gains from fungi in pyroloids and monotropoids (Ericaceae) and in orchids.
* Stable isotope abundance analyses recently revealed that some European green orchids and pyroloids (Ericaceae) are partially myco-heterotrophic, exploiting mycorrhizal fungi for organic carbon andExpand
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Nitrogen critical loads and management alternatives for N-impacted ecosystems in California.
Empirical critical loads for N deposition effects and maps showing areas projected to be in exceedance of the critical load (CL) are given for seven major vegetation types in California. Thirty-fiveExpand
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Restoration of a Native Shrubland Impacted by Exotic Grasses, Frequent Fire, and Nitrogen Deposition in Southern California
Natural ecosystems globally are often subject to multiple human disturbances that are difficult to restore. A restoration experiment was done in an urban fragment of native coastal sage scrubExpand
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Stability of exotic annual grasses following restoration efforts in southern California coastal sage scrub
Summary 1. Restoration of semi-arid shrub ecosystems often requires control of invasive grasses but the effects of these grass-control treatments on native and exotic forbs have not been investigatedExpand
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Nitrogen deposition effects on Mediterranean-type ecosystems: an ecological assessment.
We review the ecological consequences of N deposition on the five Mediterranean regions of the world. Seasonality of precipitation and fires regulate the N cycle in these water-limited ecosystems,Expand
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