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Structure-activity relationships of adenine and deazaadenine derivatives as ligands for adenine receptors, a new purinergic receptor family.
Adenine derivatives bearing substituents in the 2-, N(6)-, 7-, 8-, and/or 9-position and a series of deazapurines were synthesized and investigated in [(3)H]adenine binding studies at the adenineExpand
Adenine and Uracil Derivatives with Antitubercular Activity
We have carried out the synthesis and investigated the antitubercular activity of adenine and 5-fluorouracil derivatives. It was found that a comparatively large, lipophilic fragment is needed in theExpand
Synthesis and N-Alkylation of 6-Benzyloxypurine Under Phase-Transfer Conditions
Abstract Synthesis of 6-benzyloxypurine and its N-alkylation under phase-transfer conditions represents a high-yield and simple procedure for the preparation of 9- and 7-substitutedExpand
Effect of immunization with small doses of antigen on the development of experimental atherosclerosis
Immunization of rabbits suffering from experimental hyperlipemia with human gamma-globulin (a total dose of 150 mg) or with disintegrated yeast Candida albicans (a total dose of 62 mg) inhibited theExpand
[HDL2b lipoproteins as an acceptor of cholesterol from erythrocyte membrane and the role of lecithin-cholesterol-acyltransferase during this process].
The role of lecithin-cholesterol-acyltransferase (LCAT) in net cholesterol transport from erythrocyte membranes to one of high density lipoprotein subclasses--HDL2b--was studied in vitro. It wasExpand
Biological clock and the origin of life
A hypothesis about two physical fields that created organic life in Earth's ancient ocean 3–4 billion years ago, and still determine the biological clock phenomenon via changes in the structure ofExpand
[Cholesterol content of erythrocytes in humans with different levels of plasma cholesterol].
The mean cholesterol content in erythrocytes of patients, which are not impaired by hepatic diseases is 1.26 +/- 0.02 X 10-13 g/cell and it is not depended on the plasma cholesterol level.
Dark Matter? no Descartes and Kozyrev’s Universe!
Galactic rotation curves explained here as a result of interaction between fast rotating central black hole and stars, which are non-keplerian characters. Black holes are „black” not due to trappingExpand
How Variable Earth-Moon Distance Really Could Be?
New understanding of physical background of “Newton’s modification of Kepler’s Third law” allows us revisit significantly variable prehistoric lunar distance idea.
Can a Vortex Cool Down Fukushima
A modification of nuclear physics model of Mathis has been proposed. Solution for Fukushima can come outside of mainstream pseudoscience only.