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How Much Does Expertise Reduce Behavioral Biases? The Case of Anchoring Effects in Stock Return Estimates
"We use data from surveys involving 300 Scandinavian financial market professionals and 213 university students to conduct three controlled experiments in which we manipulate the backgroundExpand
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Farmers’ self-reported value of cooperative membership: evidence from heterogeneous business and organization structures
The value of membership of an agricultural producer cooperative to a farmer is universally understood to include market access, improved bargaining power, and reduced transaction costs. As a resultExpand
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The effect of social bonding and identity on the decision to invest in food production
Consumer interest in locally produced food is a growing trend. Like the preference for local in food consumption decisions, an individual may be motivated to support the local community byExpand
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Do members derive value from cooperative growth? Experimental evidence on farmers’ horizon and willingness to invest
Globalisation of food markets pressures agricultural cooperatives to seek growth strategies to safeguard competitiveness and the capacity to maintain services. Farmers as the owners of theExpand
International banks results improve
Vuokra-asuntosijoitusalan kannattavuus, kilpailutilanne ja kehittämistarpeet
Demand for rental housing is currently quite high, due in part to the long-term trends of urbanization and population growth. Continuously increasing rent and the high demand for rentals have turnedExpand
Elinkeinopoliittinen tilannekuva, kevät 2019 TEM:n hallinnonalan näkemyksiä
Kai Husso puh. 029 506 3683, TEM/Innovaatiot ja yritysrahoitus; Johanna Alatalo puh. 0295 048 084, TEM/Konserniohjausyksikko.
Property risks of US, Irish and Spanish banks