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Rhinitis and asthma symptoms in non-domestic cleaners from the São Paulo metropolitan area, Brazil
Background: Exposure to cleaning products has frequently been reported as a symptom trigger by workers with work-related asthma diagnosed in workers’ health clinics in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.Expand
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Prevention of Asbestos-Related Disease in Countries Currently Using Asbestos
More than 40 years of evaluation have consistently confirmed the carcinogenicity of asbestos in all of its forms. This notwithstanding, according to recent figures, the annual world production ofExpand
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Non-malignant asbestos-related diseases in Brazilian asbestos-cement workers.
BACKGROUND Production of asbestos-cement products in Brazil started in the 1940s, peaked in the 60-70s and is still an active industry. This study was designed to assess the non-malignant effects ofExpand
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Pleural biopsy with Cope and Abrams needles.
The object of this study was to compare the diagnostic yield of Abrams and Cope needles. Pleural biopsies were performed in 24 patients with both needles. In two patients, the procedure was repeatedExpand
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Lung cancer in Brazil.
Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in Brazil, after exclusion of external causes. Registries in the country are not reliable because of under-registration and limited coverage.Expand
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The next mesothelioma wave: mortality trends and forecast to 2030 in Brazil.
BACKGROUND There are limited data on mesothelioma mortality in industrializing countries, where, at present, most of the asbestos consumption occurs. OBJECTIVES To analyze temporal trends and toExpand
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Occupational asthma in the city of São Paulo, 1995-2000, with special reference to gender analysis.
BACKGROUND Occupational asthma (OA) is the leading occupational respiratory disease in the area of São Paulo Municipality. Understanding its characteristics can provide useful information for betterExpand
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Longitudinal decline in lung function in former asbestos exposed workers
Background This study was designed to assess the effect of asbestos exposure on longitudinal lung function decline. Methods A group of 502 former asbestos-cement workers with at least two spirometryExpand
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Prevention of Asbestos Exposure in Latin America within a Global Public Health Perspective
Background: Asbestos consumption in Latin America (LA) amounts to 10% of yearly global production. Little is known about the impact of asbestos exposure in the region. Objective: To discussExpand
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Occupational asthma caused by Ipe (Tabebuia spp) dust.
BACKGROUND Ipe is a resistant hardwood that contains naphtoquinones. It is easily found and frequently used in South and Central America. Naphtoquinones are skin sensitizers. OBJECTIVE To describeExpand
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