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Determination of toxic elements in waters and sediments from River Subin in the Ashanti Region of Ghana
Waters and sediments of Subin River, which flows through the industrial and commercial areas of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, were geochemically investigated to ascertain heavy metalExpand
Occupational radiation exposure to norms in a gold mine.
Preliminary studies have been conducted into the occupational radiation exposure to NORMS from surface and underground mining operations in a gold mine in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. A briefExpand
Application of instrumental neutron activation analysis to plant medicines in Ghana: A review
Some essential elements in eleven plant medicines used at the Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (CSRPM), Mampong-Akwapim, Ghana, for the management and cure of various diseases wereExpand
Determination of thermal hydraulic data of GHARR-1 under reactivity insertion transients using the PARET/ANL code
The PARET/ANL code has been adapted by the IAEA for testing transient behaviour in research reactors since it provides a coupled thermal hydrodynamic and point kinetics capability for estimatingExpand
Transient analysis of Ghana research reactor-1 using PARET/ANL thermal-hydraulic code.
Abstract PARET/ANL (Version 7.3 of 2007) thermal–hydraulic code was used to perform transient analysis of the Ghana Research Reactor-1. The reactivities inserted were 2.1 mk, 4 mk and 6.71 mk. TheExpand
Public exposure to hazards associated with natural radioactivity in open-pit mining in Ghana.
The results of studies carried out on public exposure contribution from naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMS) in two open-pit mines in the Western and Ashanti regions of Ghana areExpand
ABSTRACT The essential elements in six traditional Ghanaian plant medicines used at the Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (CSRPM), Mampong-Akwapim, Ghana, for the management and cureExpand
The design of a multisource americium-beryllium (Am-Be) neutron irradiation facility using MCNP for the neutronic performance calculation.
The americium-beryllium neutron irradiation facility at the National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI), Ghana, was re-designed with four 20 Ci sources using Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) code toExpand
Epithermal instrumental neutron activation analysis for the determination of gold and arsenic in Ghanaian gold tailings using conventional and anti-coincidence counting
Epithermal instrumental neutron activation analysis (EINAA) together with both conventional and anti-coincidence counting techniques were used to analyze six different gold tailing samples from GhanaExpand
The impact of small-scale mining activities on the levels of mercury in the environment: The case of Prestea and its environs
To obtain the baseline information of mercury pollution due to gold mining activities in Prestea and its environs total mercury (T-Hg) concentrations were measured in water and stream sediment. TheExpand