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Enhancement of Microstrip Monopole Antenna Bandwidth by Using EBG Structures
A novel compact design for UWB planar monopole antenna is presented in this letter. The basis for achieving the UWB operation is through using semicircular microstrip monopole antenna with circular
Low-SAR, Miniaturized Printed Antenna for Mobile, ISM, and WLAN Services
Recently, the mobile handsets support both the mobile and wireless LAN services. Thus, our target is to introduce a new antenna that supports both services. The antenna operates for most of the
Antenna Designs with Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures
The word “meta”, in Greek language, means beyond, implies that the electromagnetic response of metamaterials (MTMs) is unachievable or unavailable in conventional materials, and the non-naturality definition was raised.
General Field Theory Treatment of H-Plane Waveguide Junction Circulators
In this paper an exact field theory treatment for the waveguide junction circulators is presented. The treatment is general, being dependent on neither the geometrical symmetry of the junction nor
Low Sar Multiband CPW‐Fed Pifa with Independent Resonant Frequency Control for Wireless Communication Applications
Low specific absorption rate (SAR) compact hexaband planar inverted‐F antenna (PIFA) with independent resonant frequency control has been studied in this letter. Two trapezoidal‐shaped slots are
Single‐fed 4G/5G multiband 2.4/5.5/28 GHz antenna
In this study, a single-fed printed multiband antenna for 4G/5G wireless communication systems is presented. The proposed multiband antenna consists of Franklin strip monopole antenna to cover 4G,
Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter with Sharp Tuned Notched Band Rejection Based on CRLH Transmission-Line Unit Cell
The proposed filter satisfies the Federal Communications Commission ultra-wideband (FCC-UWB) specifications and also creates and controls sharp rejection notch-bands within the filter’s passband in
Ultra wide band planar printed quasi‐Yagi antenna with size reduction for water detection in the Egyptian desert
Ultrawideband quasi‐Yagi antenna with size reduction is presented for developing the ground penetrating radar system. The proposed antenna printed on FR‐4 substrate and consists of meandered driver
Ultrawide Bandwidth 2 $\,\times\,$2 Microstrip Patch Array Antenna Using Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structure (EBG)
Four types of EBG structures are proposed and used in the design of a patch antenna array to improve the bandwidth, gain and reduce the overall array size. The four ground plane designs for the 2 × 2
Frequency-reconfigurable microstrip filter with dual-mode resonators using RF PIN diodes and DGS
This work presents a novel frequency miniaturized reconfigurable dual-mode stub-loaded resonator switchable from bandpass filter to single/double-notched bandnotch filter. The proposed filter