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Naming materials in the magma/igneous rock system
Abstract The main aim of igneous petrology is to develop a complete specification of the magma/igneous rock system. This paper is a sequel to an earlier essay ( Middlemost, 1991 ) on theExpand
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Iron oxidation ratios, norms and the classification of volcanic rocks
Normative minerals are an integral part of most chemical classifications of volcanic rocks; however, when calculating the norms of these rocks the Fe2O3FeO ratio has a powerful influence on theExpand
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The basalt clan
Abstract The major element compositions of the various rocks that belong to the basalt clan are examined, and the basalt clan is defined as consisting of those volcanic rocks that contain betweenExpand
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Magmas and Magmatic Rocks: An Introduction to Igneous Petrology
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Geochemistry of pyroxene inclusions from the Warrumbungle Volcano, New South Wales, Australia
Abstract Pyroxenes provide an elegant key to understanding the tangled petrogenesis of the diverse midalkaline rocks of the Warrumbungle Volcano. These rocks evolved from two primary magmas, and theExpand
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The evolution of kimberlites
Abstract Kimberlites are ultramafic rocks in which H 2 O, CO 2 and the residual elements K, Rb, Cs, Sr, Ba, U, Th, Nb, etc., are strongly concentrated. It is proposed that their restriction toExpand
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Geochemistry and mineralogy of the minette-lamproite association from the Indian Gondwanas
Abstract In northeast India, Early Cretaceous lamprophyres intrude both the Gondwana (Permian-Lower Cretaceous) sedimentary sequence and older cratonic blocks. Spessartite is the typical lamprophyreExpand
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A simple classification of volcanic rocks
SummaryThere is a considerable volume of information on the abundance, distribution and chemical composition of volcanic rocks. In this paper an attempt is made to use these data to construct aExpand
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Indian Kimberlites and the genesis of kimberlites
Abstract Late Proterozoic kimberlites occur in both southern and central India. They are similar in petrography and geochemistry to the kimberlites of southern Africa and Yakutia, U.S.S.R. TheseExpand
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