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Still Misused After All These Years? A Reevaluation of the Uses of Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Theory of Human Development
A theoretical review published in 2009 revealed that scholars who stated that their research was based on Urie Bronfenbrenner's bioecological theory of human development rarely used it appropriately.Expand
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Adoção nacional e internacional: significados, motivações e processos de habilitação
espanolAtraves de un estudio de caso multiple - una adopcion nacional y otra internacional - este estudio investigo los significados, motivacion y habilitacion para adopcion. Se utilizo laExpand
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The Development of Gratitude in Seven Societies: Cross-Cultural Highlights
This study aimed to examine children’s expression of gratitude in Brazil, China, Guatemala, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, and the United States. Participants (N = 2,265) consisted of 7- toExpand
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The Development of the Virtue of Gratitude: Theoretical Foundations and Cross-Cultural Issues
The expression of gratitude by children and young adolescents in different societies is the topic of this special issue. We introduce the concept of gratitude as a virtue, explaining its differencesExpand
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Assessing variations in the expression of gratitude in youth: A three-cohort replication in southern Brazil
Children are not born grateful; their understanding and expression of gratitude develops during childhood and adolescence. We used a qualitative measure designed to assess how youth would respond toExpand
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What characteristics are accepted in the child by Brazilian adoption applicants? A latent class analysis
Abstract Brazilian studies describing the profiles of adoption applicants commonly use frequencies of demographic characteristics and the characteristics accepted in children by adoptions seekers.Expand
Wishes, Gratitude, and Spending Preferences in Russian Children
Gratitude is an important virtue in any cultural group. In Russian culture, gratitude is a salient and highly promoted trait that is seen as one of the cornerstones of social cohesion. In this study,Expand
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Parentalidade adotiva: Um estudo de caso longitudinal com famílias homoafetivas e heteroafetivas
ANTECEDENTES: A homoparentalidade tem sido foco de estudos recentes, evidenciando a importância de se compreender a dinâmica dessas familias em comparacao as heteroparentais. OBJETIVO: Assim, esteExpand