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Intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity, spiritual well-being, and attitudes toward spiritual care: a comparison of israeli jewish oncology nurses' scores.
Israeli Jewish oncology nurses' religiosity, spiritual well-being, and perhaps their attitudes toward spiritual care may be influenced by whether they are secular, traditional, or religious nurses. Expand
Israeli oncology nurses' religiosity, spiritual well-being, and attitudes toward spiritual care: a path analysis.
Nurses' attitudes toward spiritual care are influenced by their education, intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity, and spiritual well-being, and nurses' spiritualWell-being should be supported. Expand
Nursing diagnosis in the chronically ill: methodology for clinical validation
The human needs framework was used as a guide for the assessment and formulation of nursing diagnoses to identify and validate nursing diagnoses that describe the phenomena of concern to nursing. Expand
Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention: Planning for Patient Care
Although updated, this edition retains the format discussions of the theoretical base of nursing diagnoses, with each discussion featuring a practical approach, applying nursing diagnoses in the 5-step nursing process to planning patient care. Expand
Nursing theory: the comparison of four theoretical proposals.
The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to describe theory and its relationship to nursing knowledge and practice, and (2) to compare the theoretical proposals of Imogene King (1975), DorotheaExpand
Oncology and nononcology nurses' spiritual well-being and attitudes toward spiritual care: a literature review.
A significant association exists between attitudes toward spiritual care and spiritual well-being in nurses who care for nononcology populations, however, little research examines oncology nurses' attitudes towardSpiritual considerations play an important part in the lives of patients with cancer. Expand
Nursing diagnosis & intervention: Planning for patient care
Nursing Diagnosis: Evolving Issues and Trends * Nursing Diagnosis: The Critical Link in the Nursing Process * Health Perception -- Health Management Pattern * Nutritional and Metabolic Pattern *Expand
French Travellers to Scotland, 1780-1830: An Analysis of Some Travel Journals.
ii Dedication iii Acknowledgements iv Author’s Declaration v Introduction 1 Chapter One The Literature of Travel 45 Chapter Two Life in the Rural Areas 84 Chapter Three Agriculture 127 Chapter FourExpand
Where Are We Now?: A Call for Feature Articles
This feature will address nursing diagnosis as it is being used in practice, research, and education as well as present current issues and trends related to nursing diagnosis development, implementation, and evaluation. Expand