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Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century
Illustrations Abbreviations Preface 1: Introduction 2: Definitions 3: Rome: The Foundation 4: The Scriptures 5: Christians and Social Change 6: Theological Traditions 7: The Early Middle Ages 8: TheExpand
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Effect of the anionic part of various Ce(III) salts on the corrosion inhibition efficiency of AA2024 aluminium alloy
Abstract Systematic investigations on the inhibitive efficiency of different Ce(III) salts against the corrosion of AA2024 in 0.01 M NaCl are performed. Various concentrations (from 10−5 to 10−2 M)Expand
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Electrochemical studies on the electrodeposited Zn–Ni–Co ternary alloy in different media
Abstract The electroplating of ternary Zn–Ni–Co alloy, surface morphology and corrosion resistance were investigated and contrasted with the characteristics of Zn–Ni electrodeposits. TheExpand
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The Bible in Arabic
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Comparison between the inhibition efficiencies of Ce(III) and Ce(IV) ammonium nitrates against corrosion of AA2024 aluminum alloy in solutions of low chloride concentration
The corrosion protection of the AA2024 aluminum alloy in 0.01 M NaCl solutions of Ce(III) and Ce(IV) ammonium nitrates was studied. The inhibition efficiency was evaluated applying linear sweepExpand
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Teaching Virtue from the Ignoble Nobility: Alberto Alfieri’s Ogdoas (1421)
In 1431, barely three decades before the definitive fall of Christian Asia Minor with the entry of the Turkish armies into Constantinople, Alberto Alfieri, a schoolmaster in the Genoese colony ofExpand
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The Voice of My Beloved: The Song of Songs in Western Medieval Christianity
The Song of Songs, eight chapters of love lyrics found in the collection of wisdom literature attributed to Solomon, is the most enigmatic book of the Bible. For thousands of years Jews andExpand
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Inhibitive Action of Alhagi Maurorum Plant Extract on the Corrosion of Copper in 0.5 M H 2 SO 4
The effect of Alhagi Maurorum plant extract on the corrosion of copper in aqueous 0.5M sulphuric acid was investigated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), potentiodynamic polarization,Expand
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