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Counting stripes: revision of the Lipinia vittigera complex (Reptilia, Squamata, Scincidae) with description of two new species from Indochina
We provide an integrative taxonomic analysis of the Lipinia vittigera species complex from mainland Southeast Asia. Based on examination of external morphology, color pattern, and 681 base pairs ofExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships and subgeneric taxonomy of toad-headed agamas Phrynocephalus (Reptilia, Squamata, Agamidae) as determined by mitochondrial DNA sequencing
119 Toaddheaded agamas (Phrynocephalus) is an essenn tial element of arid biotopes throughout the vast area spanning the countries of Middle East and Central Asia. They constitute one of the mostExpand
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Cenozoic aridization in Central Eurasia shaped diversification of toad-headed agamas (Phrynocephalus; Agamidae, Reptilia)
We hypothesize the phylogenetic relationships of the agamid genus Phrynocephalus to assess how past environmental changes shaped the evolutionary and biogeographic history of these lizards andExpand
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On the Possible Use of the Ethological Features in the Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Toad Agamas, Phrynocephalus (Reptilia, Agamidae)
Two groups of Phrynocephalus are determined according to the pattern of the species-specific fixed action: a) Phr. guttatus kuschakewitschi , Phr. guttatus ssp. from the Dzhungar Gate in Kazakhstan,Expand
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Reviewed Description of the Types of Phrynocephalus strauchi Nikolsky, 1899 (Squamata, Agamidae) and Materials on the History of Its Study, Distribution, and Variability
The status of the Strauch toad agama was identified differently after reviewed description as Phrynocephalus helioscopus strauchi , Ph. helioscopus , Ph. reticulatus strauchi . The holotype was notExpand
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History of Study, Taxonomy, Distribution, and Ecology of Phrynocephalus nasatus Golubev et Dunayev, 1995 (Reptilia: Agamidae)
Herein we provide a historical overview of the study of Phrynocephalus nasatus , a species that has been known by poorly preserved type materials only, collected by A. I. Wilkins in Aksu region,Expand
Annotated Checklist of Amphibian Type Specimens Collection of the Zoological Museum of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
The amphibian type collection of the Zoological Museum of M. V Lomonosov Moscow State University includes 38 specimens of 9 taxa. The following information is provided for each taxon: name, citationExpand
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