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Influence of geomagnetic activity and earth weather changes on heart rate and blood pressure in young and healthy population
Using the algorithm of differential evolution, the existence of magnetobiotropic regions in the earth’s weather parameters, which exhibit magneto-sensitivity of systolic, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate of healthy young subjects for three weather areas, is proved. Expand
[Effect of the hyperbaric oxygenation of animals and man on mitochondrial function in their tissues (based on EPR study data)].
The ration of differential intensities of EPR signal of free endogenous radicals of semiquinone type and iron-sulfur proteins recorded at the temperature of liquid nitrogen in tissues (R index) isExpand
Bright Light Therapy Increases Blood Pressure and Changes the Structure of Circadian Rhythm of Melatonin Secretion in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Phototherapy produced more pronounced and less favorable effect on animals with primary arterial hypertension, and the production of epiphyseal melatonin was assessed. Expand
Changes in the properties of plasma fibronectin in Shigella-induced endotoxaemia and the responses to hyperbaric oxygenation and indomethacin.
Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO; 2 atm for 1 h) normalizes blood gas composition and acid-base and electrolyte balance, improves the clinical picture of endotoxaemia, enhances FN activity and, to a lesser degree, its concentration, and lowers mortality. Expand
Assessment of caspase 3 activity in rabbit myocardial tissue during experimental hemodynamic overload of the left ventricle of the heart
It was concluded that the acute hemodynamic overload of the left ventricle may be a cause of increased apoptosis in the myocardial tissue of both cardiac ventricles during first days of the pathological process. Expand
Changes in balance of biogenic monoamines and their metabolites in rats with hyperbaric epilepsy
A protective role of monoamine oxidase inhibitors in hyperbaric epilepsy has been reported [2], confirming involvement of the brain monoaminergic systems in the development of seizure activity.Expand
[Effect of large heparin doses on the contractile function, structure and lipid metabolic indices of the myocardium in intact rabbits].
It is concluded that the intensification of lipolysis plays a role in increasing the myocardial contractility after heparin administration. Expand
[Contractile function and antioxidative system of the myocardium of the intact rabbit during hyperbaric oxygenation].
Daily exposures of rabbits to the HBO enhanced activity of glutathione-peroxidase for all 28 days of exposure, but the exhaustion of the latter's power reserves potentiates the toxic effect of hyperoxia. Expand
Energy Deficit as a Possible Factor for the Induction of Caspase-Dependent Apoptosis in Left Ventricular Myocardial Cells during Genetically Determined and Secondary Arterial Hypertension
The results indicate that the intrinsic mechanism of the induction of the caspase cascade in myocardial cells dominates over the extrinsic pathway during both types of arterial hypertension. Expand