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Macrozooplâncton da Zona Econômica Exclusiva do Nordeste do Brasil (segunda expedição oceanográfica - REVIZEE/NE II) com ênfase em Copepoda (Crustacea)
The present study was performed with the objective to characterise the density, relative abundance, frequency of occurrence, specific diversity and species associations of the oceanicExpand
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Comparison of microbial composition in the subgingival plaque of adult crowded versus non-crowded dental regions.
It has been reported in the literature that certain species of bacteria (periodontopathogens) present in the subgingival plaque are associated with destructive periodontal disease. The purpose ofExpand
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Mesozooplâncton do sistema estuarino de Barra das Jangadas, Pernambuco, Brasil
Mesozooplankton studies were carried out at the Barra das Jangadas estuarine system, Pernambuco, Brazil (8o14'36"S, 34o56'28"W), to assess its community structure. Samples were collected with aExpand
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The Plankton Role in Pollutants Dynamics as a Tool for Ecotoxicological Studies
Studies have evaluated the dynamics of pollutants at the base of the food chain to understand the contamination in the high levels of the trophic food webs (as fishes and humans). The base of theExpand
a das Jangadas, Pernambuco, Brasil
ABSTRACT. Mesozooplanktonooplankton ofof thethe estuarineine systemsystem ofof Barra a dasdas Jangadas, angadas, Pernambuco, uco Brazil.Mesozooplankton studies were carried out at the Barra dasExpand
Zooplankton from shrimp culture ponds in Northeastern Brazil
Zooplankton was examined in 14 commercial shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei ponds in tropical Brazil to assess their composition, determine their density, and indicate environmental quality. In each farm,Expand
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