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The kinetics of hydrolysis of methyl and phenyl lsocyanates
The hydrolysis of phenyl isocyanate is subject to general base catalysis by tertiary amines and the point for water falls on the Bronsted plot, which indicates that the uncatalysed reaction involvesExpand
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Concerted pyridinolysis of aryl 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl carbonates.
The Brønsted plots for the title reactions are linear with slopes of 0.53-0.56. The magnitude of the slopes and the fact that there are no breaks at the predicted pK(a) for stepwise mechanismsExpand
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Kinetics of reaction of substituted pyridines and oxygen anions with methyl chloroformate in aqueous solution
The rate constants for nucleophilic reaction of nine substituted pyridines with methyl chloroformate gives a sharply curved Bronsted plot, the slope changing from β 0.93 to 0.15 with increasingExpand
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