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'Ordinary Household Chores': Ritual and Power in a Nineteenth-Century Swahili Women's Spirit Possession Cult
This paper concerns a women's spirit possession cult that was described at Zanzibar in 1869 by an Alsatian Catholic missionary.1 It is my contention that the ritual which he observed encapsulatesExpand
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Trade, State, and Society Among the Yao in the Nineteenth Century
D URING the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Yao were the greatest long-distance traders in East Central Africa. Through their involvement with the coast they became subject to externalExpand
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Islam in the Service of Colonialism ? Portuguese Strategy during the Armed Liberation Struggle in Mozambique
Apres des siecles d'une propagande et d'une action anti-musulmane vigoureuse, le regime colonial portugais prit, pendant la lutte armee de liberation au Mozambique, la decision strategique deExpand
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Ethnicity, Politics and History in Mozambique
On 7 September 1974 the government of Portugal and FRELIMO (Frente de LibertaSSo de MoSambique) signed an agreement at Lusaka, Zambia, which called for a ceasefire to begin the following day at 8:00Expand
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Parler en son nom ? Comprendre les témoignages d’esclaves africains originaires de l’océan Indien (1850-1930)*
Résumé Cet article examine des témoignages d’esclaves affranchis retrouvés dans les archives de l’amirauté britannique, dans celles des consulats ou des cours de justice de l’océan Indien occidental.Expand
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'A family of the state': bureaucratic impediments to democratic reform in Mozambique
University of the Witwatersrand History Workshop Conference Democracy: Popular Precedents, Popular Practice and Popular Culture 13-15 July 1994.
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History, memory and identity
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