E van Loghem

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In a unique sibship of 5, 2 siblings were found to have dystrophia myotonica and 3 had myotonia congenita. A study was made of the paternal and maternal families and of the offspring of the 5 siblings. Eighty relatives were examined clinically, by slit-lamp and by electromyography. In the relatives of the mother of the sibship only dystrophia myotonica was(More)
Studies of the segregation of heterozygous immunoglobulin allotypes in families with several cases of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) show that germline heavy-chain V (variable region) genes are not major genetic determinants for IDDM, but data for IDDM and Graves' disease together suggest involvement of kappa light-chain V genes. Absence of IDDM(More)
Linkage studies were undertaken in 120 individuals from 10 kindreds with autosomal dominant facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy using 35 different marker genes. No linkage was found. The highest lod score was 1.438 for the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene cluster (IGH) at a recombination fraction of 0.2. IGH is located on the long arm of chromosome 14.(More)
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