E van Loghem

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Previously we reported a gross genetic polymorphism of the human immunoglobulin heavy chain locus manifest by a large internal deletion within the constant region gene segment. We now describe a detailed serological and molecular genetic study of a Tunisian family in which members appear to carry two chromosomes 14 with different DNA deletions. The first is(More)
This report deals with the genetic factors involved in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDD) in The Netherlands. Twenty-two Dutch multiplex families with IDD were typed for HLA-A, -B, -C, and -DR antigens, for BF, C2, C4, and GLO polymorphisms, as well as for GM allotypes of immunoglobulins. In addition, 53 unrelated IDD children and 31 unrelated(More)
1218 individuals from Sardinia island (Italy) were tested for Gm and Km markers; 10 were not tested for Gm and only 401 were typed for Am markers. The peculiar genetic makeup of the Sardinian population is confirmed by their Gm allotypes. Their differences from those found in a control population of continental Italy (Ferrara), suggest ancient contacts with(More)
The study of immunoglobulin allotypes in various Negro populations has shown that their polymorphism is different from that in other populations. This particularly true for the alleles of the gamma3 and alpha2 locus. Numerous investigations have been made in which a limited number of markers were determined. It seems to be of importance to compare the(More)
Unusual combinations--unexpected sets, excess of lack--of antigenic determinants, or Gm allotypes, on the constant regions of the heavy chains of the human IgG1 and IgG3 immunoglobulins are accounted for in terms of genetic events (exchanges, duplications and deletions) involving the DNA sequences, or exons, coding for the three CH1-, CH2- and CH3 domains(More)
To determine whether genetic factors influence the human antibody response to polysaccharides, we correlated Ig allotypes with the concentrations of antibody to 14 bacterial capsular antigens in 130 actively immunized Caucasian adults. The 88 individuals possessing G2m(n), an allotype antigen of IgG2 subclass heavy chains, had significantly higher(More)
Serum IgG, IgA, and IgM concentrations were measued in 120 members of a family with 33 cases of Dystrophia myotonica (Dm) and 27 members who were "possibly affected". The Dm individuals had significantly lower serum concentrations of IgG and IgA (P<0.01), while the "possibly affected" did not differ from the matched pair controls. IgG subclass(More)