E. del Moral Perez

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Abundant information exists about sanitation solutions but it is scattered throughout hundreds of books and journals; this Compendium aims to pull it all together in one volume. By ordering and structuring a huge range of information on tried and tested technologies into one concise document, the reader is provided with a useful planning tool for making(More)
Evidence has been accumulated about the adverse effects of income inequality on individual health in industrial nations, but we know less about its effect in small-scale, pre-industrial rural societies. Income inequality should have modest effects on individual health. First, norms of sharing and reciprocity should reduce the adverse effects of income(More)
8 Integration into a market economy or economic development can erode the quality of life of indigenous people by, for example, increasing income inequalities. The Kuznets hypothesis predicts that the link between income inequality and income (a proxy for economic development) resembles an inverted U. We test the hypothesis using a survey of 511 households(More)
Wildlife (bushmeat or game) is the primary game. The results indicated that the price of fish and meat from livestock is positively correlated with con-source of protein for most poor households in tropical forests, and its consumption is resulting in unsustainable sumption of wildlife, suggesting that policy makers may be able to reduce the unsustainable(More)
Forty-eight children (M age = 4.8 years) infected with HIV/AIDS and living in the Dominican Republic were randomly assigned to a massage therapy or a play session control group. The children in the massage therapy group received two weekly 20-min massages for 12 weeks; the children in the control group participated in a play session (coloring, playing with(More)
Wildlife damage mitigation in agricultural crops in a Bolivian montane forest. Wildlife is often blamed for causing damage to human activities, including agricultural practices and the result may be a conflict between human interests and species conservation. A formal assessment of the magnitude of damage is necessary to adequately conduct management(More)
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