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OBJECTIVE To evaluate back movement during walking in horses. ANIMALS 22 adult horses with no history or signs of back pain. PROCEDURE 3-dimensional movements of markers on the hooves, head, and back were measured with a motion analysis system while the horses were walking on a treadmill. The positions of markers on the hooves, head, and the skin above(More)
The aim of this study was to establish basic reference data for evaluating 3-dimensional movement of the equine back at the trot. In 22 mature horses without any clinical signs of back pain, the movement of the back was measured during trotting on a treadmill with a system for motion analysis. The position of the markers placed on the head, hooves, skin(More)
A kinematic study was performed to establish the locomotion pattern of horses under detomidine sedation and the effects of antagonization for possible use during lameness examinations in uncooperative horses. The kinematics of 17 Warmblood horses (9 sound, 8 lame with chronic forelimb lameness) were recorded on 2 days using a high-speed video system while(More)
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