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In the study tree cases of foreign bodies in bronchial tree were discussed to illustrate a proper way for their removal. According to time of their remaining in bronchial tree a foreign body may be removed immediately after aspiration or after special preparation with surgical and anesthetic assistance. Our studies documented the use of flexible fiberoptic(More)
In order to define the possible role of the time of birth on future presentation of atopic respiratory disorders an analysis of birth rates was studied according to time of birth in the following groups: 111 patients with pollinosis 145 patients non-seasonal allergic respiratory disorders, 117 patients with non-atopic respiratory disorders and 291 healthy(More)
An effect of cetirizine--one of antihistaminic agents--on the rate of adverse reactions to the specific desensitization has been evaluated in patients with atopic respiratory diseases. The study included 270 patients desensitized in 1988-1993 for the atopic diseases due to hypersensitivity to grass pollens and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus. Standard(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the birth rates in specific quarters of the year in families with a history of atopic diathesis. One hundred families with atopic diathesis with at least two children older than 16 years were studied. The diagnosis of its atopic etiology and demonstration of the specific allergen were all based on results of a(More)
Records of 1,010 bronchofibroscopies were reviewed. Patients were examined with diagnostic and therapeutic indications, of which 6.8% were asthmatics. In most of them typical findings were seen signs of inflammation with thick, mucous secretions. In patients with status asthmaticus (0.6% of the analyzed population) bronchofibroscopy was carried out under(More)